To become the leading enabler of projects in systems technology in Africa through development, innovation and acquiring technology aligned with local and international trends. To provide upliftment and systems via Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives. To provide superior client service through the integration of unique expertise within the company to create a superior product offering that differentiates the company from competitors. To be an integral part of existing and future clients as well as communities through the provision of training and education programmes, sponsorships and the establishment of innovation centres to ensure the continuous transfer of “best of breed” technology and wealth to clients and communities within which the company interacts.


Our Key objective is to pronounce a sound and capable service delivery to a specialised market and establish T&J Technology Solutions as a competent and capable Business Partner. The objective to grow South Africans by partnering with meaningful projects and Community Outreach Programme is fundamental to our success. How we as an established organisation value diversity is self-evident by the mixed creed of our staff compliment. Ever since inception all our staff have been up skilled in various fields to cater excellent and timeous delivery of agreed completion dates. In this manner all staff is elevated to an expert level where they can achieve certification and is seen as self-growth and rewarding to individuals.